It's 9 AM, do you know where your day porter is?

The Advantage Difference: A powerful mobile app for every member of your workforce.

Your frontline staff are the first impression your tenants and customers encounter.  Help ensure it’s a positive experience with our intuitive mobile app, designed alongside some of the best building and facility contractors in the field.

Document & Show Proof of Work

Sometimes requirements can get lost in translation as they move from customer to frontline employee. We enable employees to easily document their work so you know the work order or task has been completed.

Empower Staff

Our powerful and simple mobile apps provide access to all the critical data, but does not require extensive training to use.

  • Incredibly Easy to Use

  • Easy Access to Frontline Staff

  • Quickly Dispatch Work Orders

  • Use with Day Porters and Building Engineers
    No Cost.  Part of the Advantage Difference

Quickly Dispatch Work Orders

Give your staff the data they need, when they need it. They can perform their work without waiting on a return phone call or a missed connection. This reduces errors, improves customer service, and reduces your costs.

Simplify Operations

Our easy to use mobile app is designed to simplify the work order process. Start increasing your productivity, and efficiency today by simplifying your enterprise operations with Advantage.